Greening Swinton

May 10, 2022

The Greening work has begun!

Groundwork GM is working with Salford Council, partners from Ignition and Avison Young to enhance Swinton Square in a variety of ways.

We’re adding some nature-based solutions in Swinton Square, these solutions will not only have a functional purpose, but wider benefits such as; provision of green space, increased biodiversity, improved air quality, as well as sequestering carbon and cooling urban areas; all which work to enhance your wellbeing.

These changes will hopefully improve Swinton Square, and your shopping experience, making it a nicer place to visit, work and socialise with friends and family.

Here’s what to look out for……

Living Wall – Living walls not only brighten up a space, they also attract more insects and wildlife increasing the biodiversity in an area, as well as helping improve our air quality.

Green Roofs – are excellent ways of storing rain water, green roofs also attract more insects and wildlife, while improving the air we breath. Turning dull roof spaces into green, bright vital spaces for ecosystems.

Rain Garden – are another vital solution to managing excess rain water. They are also a great way to transform boring grey areas; turning them into another hub for insects and wildlife.

Flower Beds – will extend the green space in the centre out into the external spaces, making the whole are more inviting and bright.

For more information about this project contact or call 07790 801 039